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Dr. Corey Burt

Dr. Corey Burt

Quick Thought on Coronavirus and the Immune System – 3 min read

There’s a ton of information being shared out there right now on ways to “boost your immune system”.

More sunlight, eat real food, consume the right supplements, sleep more, move more, and many others. 

Although each of these have a large impact on boosting your immune system, none of them have as much of an impact as having a nerve system that is not compromised because your immune system is directly controlled by your nerve system.

So, if your nerve system is compromised, your immune system will also be compromised meaning that it will be less effective fighting a virus such as coronavirus.

Now the most common way for the nerve system to be compromised is for the spine to misalign. 

For example, if the top bone in your neck misaligns and stays misaligned, this will stretch and place pressure on the nerves the brain uses to control your immune system.

So, if coronavirus entered the body, the brain would recognize it and call on the nerve system which would call on the immune system to fight off the virus. 

BUT – with strained nerves, your body will have a harder time fighting the virus.

Think of it like this…

You are an ambulance responding to an emergency and on your way there, you notice that the road is partially blocked so only a few cars can pass through at a time. You will still make it to the scene, but it will take much longer due to the high traffic.

So how do you know if your spine is properly aligned? 

The only way to know for sure is to get checked by a chiropractor you trust. They will hopefully do 2 things:

  1. Image and measure the spine.
  2. Perform a neurological assessment to see IF your nerves are being compromised by the spine. 

To all those that are hesitant, don’t be.

Now is the BEST time to get checked and I can guarantee you that after you get checked, you will wish you had done this 3 years ago.

And we have proof! Just type into google: “chiropractic and immune system”, and you’ll find hundreds of studies.

The NUCCA assessment is a great place to start to get your spine checked. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity.

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