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Dr. Corey Burt

Dr. Corey Burt

Do I have to go to the Chiropractor Forever? – 3 Min Read

This is by far the most common questions to arise in our patients’ minds, and I am always surprised when they ask it.

Read below for my unbiased answer.

“So do I HAVE TO go to the chiropractor forever….?”


Of course not. 

You don’t HAVE to do anything you don’t want to.

That’s like saying once you start working out, you HAVE TO workout forever. 

No, people choose to workout because it’s good for them.

Change the phrase have to, to WANT TO. 

Just like you should want to brush your teeth forever, want to cut your fingernails forever, take a shower forever. You should want to do things that are good for you, forever.

It’s our personal choice to get checked by our NUCCA chiropractor every month. 

Why do we do it? Why would we drive 3 hours up to Seattle every month to get checked when we are NOT in pain? 

Because we want to.

Because we think clearer, we sleep better, our workouts are better, basically, everything in our life is better when we are in alignment and our brain is powering our body 100%. 

Like us, most of our patients also choose to continue care here because they also feel better, move better, sleep better, work better.. And yes, most of them are also not in much pain either.

Again you don’t have to do anything in life forever if you don’t want to, but if it’s good for you, then why wouldn’t you want to do it forever? 

I can only hope that you feel the same way about NUCCA chiropractic as I do.

If you have yet to schedule your NUCCA chiropractic assessment, CALL TODAY to see if NUCCA is right for you.

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