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Dr. Corey Burt

Dr. Corey Burt

The NUCCA Difference

Want to know how NUCCA chiropractic is different from traditional chiropractic? Want to know how patients hold their chiropractic adjustments long term? 

First thing’s first – let’s identify the most common health problems we have the most success with as upper cervical chiropractors. 

  1. Now, the most common condition we help solve without a doubt is migraine headaches. Oftentimes, migraine symptoms live within the rotation or the twisting of the top two bones in the neck, the atlas and the axis. This is a structural problem at play. Although migraines are also related to and can be triggered by certain foods and increased emotional stress,most of the time, it’s a structural cause disrupting the neurological function of the brain. Likely from a head and neck injury.

  2. Trigeminal Neuralgia- We find that when the upper neck is injured this will distort the brainstem and cranial nerves causing horrific lightning bolt facial and jaw pain. This is commonly called the suicide deisease because it’s so severe.  So it’s important to correct the structural root cause here, and not cover up the problem with drugs. 

  3. Hydrocephalus- this is when the brain has a backlog of cerebral spinal fluid that causes severe pressure buildup inside the head. Highly related to the misalignment of the upper neck bones that causes the fluid backup. When upper cervical doctors are effectively able to correct the position of the neck bones, patients tell us it feels like the toilet has been flushed inside their brain.

  4. Ehler danlos syndrome (EDS) & Fibromyalgia- Both nervous system conditions that can oftentimes be traced back to the brainstem being distorted by the structural misalignment of the upper neck. 

  5. Similar with seizures and Chiari malformation.

  6. Menieres- Severe dizziness with tinnitus/ear ringing. Almost always related to head and neck injury compromising the cranial nerves of the brainstem that go right to the ear.

  7. 80% of the time, we trace sciatica back to the neck. In order for the neurological leg pain to TRULY go away, upper cervical doctors need to get the pressure off the upper neck FIRST. If you neglect the neck and only treat the low back, the root problem will never resolve, and will only be temporary – including surgery. 

  8. And then of course, 50% of our clinic is general neck, shoulder and back pain

The biggest thing we’ve noticed with our patients is that they’ve all tried one or more of these solutions BEFORE seeing us: Acupuncture, physical therapy, personal trainer, massage, neurologist, ENT, even the traditional chiropractor. 

It’s not that any of these are ineffective, it’s just that the patient has an underlying neck problem that has been OVERLOOKED, when it really needs to be looked at in detail. It’s incredible to study how the rest of the spine will compensate – bend and twist – just because of an underlying neck problem.

NUCCA is an organization that stands for national upper cervical chiropractic association. It’s the protocol we use to specifically evaluate and correct the alignment of the head and the neck which ultimately restores the integrity of the brainstem and other important nerves.

What you’ll notice with the NUCCA protocol, is that it’s not a one size fits all approach. The entire process is completely customized for each individual patient. 

We always start with the assessment involving a series of 15 tests ranging all the way from posture analysis, to testing balance and coordination to specific x-ray imaging. Each test is specific and objectively measured to remove our bias. The goal of the assessment is to see if the patient’s condition is stemming from their neck. 

Because the relationship between the head and neck is the most complex region of the entire spine, it’s really important to evaluate it precisely.

The next thing we do is get a 3D image of the head and neck to see the EXACT POSITION of the neck bones.

To do that we need a picture from the side, the front and the top. 

Think of this as being the blueprint from which we start from. Once we have the blueprint, we need to study and measure each image. Fortunately we have access to advanced spinal software that allows us to measure the head and the neck down to 1/10th of a degree. 

Ultimately, the software will tell us the most specific way to correct the head and neck bones.

Specificity is key. Here’s why.

If someone is not holding their alignment. Meaning they come in and get adjusted and adjusted and adjusted every single time they come in. This tells us we probably messed up and our measurements are off. 

The more accurate we are with the math and the accuracy of the adjustment, the longer the correct alignment will hold in place.  

Once we have the specific coordinate, we perform the correction. 

There is absolutely no twisting popping or cracking of the neck. No thrusting into the neck. The correction is gentle pressure right underneath the ear, just enough to rebalance the head over the neck. 

After the correction, we take 2 more x-ray images to verify the bones are moving in the right direction.  

Moving forward, we start by monitoring their correction for about 90 days. 

This will give us a good idea of what it will take to get their correction to STABILIZE and stay in place.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to NOT perform an adjustment moving forward. 

Because if we correct them today and they come back next week and their measurements are still balanced, why would we perform another adjustment? That wouldn’t make any sense at all and could potentially make them worse. 

They are recovering and healing when you are IN alignment, NOT when we adjust them every week for the rest of their life. 

If you have yet to schedule your NUCCA chiropractic assessment, CALL TODAY to see if NUCCA is right for you.


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