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Dr. Corey Burt

Dr. Corey Burt

What is The 72 Hour Rule?

What is The 72 Hour Rule?

Read below to learn what the 72 Hour Rule is, and why it’s important for your health. 

Although the NUCCA chiropractic adjustment won’t feel like much…

We will tell you that the small shift in the top bone in your neck (the atlas) will cause the rest of the spine to restructure and rebalance itself throughout the next 90 days. 

This is a good thing.

As your nerve system begins to function normally, a number of areas of your body will begin to “wake up” and go through changes.

During this time, different symptoms will come and go. 

Anything not completely healed from an injury may flare up for a short period of time, then disappear. 

Functions like breathing, digestion, circulation, sleeping, and even muscular soreness/burning may be unusual for a short period of time. 

This brings us to the 72-hour rule

What you need to know is that after you are corrected, the symptoms that may awaken should not last longer than 72 hours

And if they do, then it’s our job to dig deeper to see what else may be going on.

Again, don’t be alarmed if a specific symptom awakens, just know that you can call us to check-in, and of course, it should disappear within 72 hours. 

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