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Dr. Corey Burt

Dr. Corey Burt

#1 Overlooked Cause of Health Problems

If you follow Dr. Corey Burt on TikTok, you know his cringe-worthy head and neck injury videos get hundreds of thousands of views 

He posts those up for one reason.

To create buzz around the importance of the head and neck. 

When your head is aligned over your neck, you are much healthier than if your head is misaligned over your neck.

So when he posts those cringe videos, he does it so that people realize when they injure their neck, they should get it checked out by an upper cervical chiropractor. 

Because if they don’t, and they neglect the injury, they are much more likely to develop health problems in the future. 

And it all starts with musculoskeletal problems.

The 3 most common being headaches, neck pain, back pain.

Dr. Burt believes that everyone has the right to know about upper cervical chiropractic.

Dr. Corey Burt is an upper cervical NUCCA chiropractor, and he is the one-trick pony that you can trust with your neck.

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