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Dr. Corey Burt

Dr. Corey Burt

Why the Atlas bone is the most vulnerable

The concept is simple, life kicks you in the neck, gravity is crushing us all, the spine bones will shift out of place which can stretch and pinch the nerves that control us. 

Especially the top bone in the neck, the atlas bone, which surrounds your brainstem.

The atlas is the most vulnerable bone in the entire body. Meaning it gets injured more often than any other bone.

And you have 206 bones in your body.

Now, why is the atlas bone so prone to injury? 

Because of its unique anatomy. The way God designed you. The top bone in your neck is completely different from all the other bones in your spine. 


Because you need to be able to turn your head in all sorts of directions. 

Look at all the range of motion it has. 50% of all head-rotation comes from the atlas bone (c1) moving on the axis bone (c2)

Now unfortunately with all that range of motion, you have to sacrifice something.

That something is STABILITY.

So when you injure your head or neck, the atlas bone will be the first to misalign.

If you’d like to learn more about NUCCA chiropractic, and how it can help you restore the alignment of your atlas bone, click the link below to schedule a free video consult with Dr. Corey Burt, the clinic director of Elite Upper Cervical.

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