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Why Does Elliott Hulse Love Upper Cervical Chiropractic? – 3 min read

Because upper cervical chiropractic increased his deadlift by 15% (60 pounds), immediately following one upper cervical adjustment. He also had a strongman competition the week following his adjustment and stated that he “easily won the competition.”

Who is Elliott Hulse?

He is an internationally renowned Strength and Conditioning coach, Strongman, Author, Social Media Celebrity, Mentor, Holistic Life Coach, and Inspiration to millions of people.

Personally, I’ve always looked up to Elliott, even before realizing the impact upper cervical chiropractic had on his performance as an elite athlete.

By the time I discovered upper cervical care for myself, Elliott had already beaten me to it.

You may be wondering, “How can upper cervical increase my strength?”

Well . . . in the beginning of Elliott’s FREE eBook, 4 Layers of Strength, he discusses one of the most foundational topics regarding strength: Neuromuscular Strength

Elliott writes on page 10:

“Neuromuscular Strength refers to our bodies’ ability to generate force as efficiently as possible. Because of the many luxuries afforded to us by modern living—sitting, driving, and laziness, to name a few—many of us develop what I call “muscle viruses”.

Our bodies become overdeveloped and tight in some areas, and in other areas we become weak and underdeveloped. Put simply, modern living wreaks havoc on our bodies, and this results in neuromuscular imbalances that inhibit our ability to grow stronger. They can also be the result of compensatory efforts brought on by past or present injury.

In the case of a muscle virus—when one side of a joint becomes too tight and the other becomes looser and gets overstretched—the imbalanced tension can pull the bones out of their instantaneous axis of rotation. This impairs mobility and causes wear and tear on the soft tissues of the joint, ultimately leading to pain and injury.”

“What causes a muscle virus?”

Elliott shares with us a great response on pages 20-21.

In a nutshell, if the top bone in your neck, the atlas, happens to misalign, or shift out of its normal position, then you may develop compensatory movements throughout the rest of your body, called muscle viruses.

And, although Elliott had a muscle virus in his hip, he also had a misaligned atlas that was causing his hip problem.

If you would like to read more about Elliott’s experience, we encourage you to download his FREE eBook, 4 Layers of Strength, and check out pages 20-21.

And, if you are questioning whether an atlas misalignment might be the cause of your muscle viruses, please schedule a consult to see if we can help.

We strongly recommend starting with the NUCCA Assessment to detect the root cause of your muscle imbalances.

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