Understanding the Structural Root Cause of the Problem

Most traditional treatment options seek to treat the direct location of pain and symptoms. 

Although they help temporarily, they fail to address the root cause of the problem, which we often find to be an upper cervical (head and neck) injury.

Watch the video for a thorough explanation!

Step 1 Head and Neck Injury
Step 2 Head and Neck Misalignment
Step 3 Head and Neck Soft Tissue is Stretched and Disturbed
Head and Neck Instability and Weakness
Step 5 Body posture accommodates by leaning to one side or the other
Step 6 Muscle Imbalances and Spasms
Step 7 Spine Begins to Twist & Bend
Step 8 Spinal Soft Tissue is Stretched and Disturbed
Step 9 Spinal Instability and Weakness
Step 10 Postural Imbalances
Step 11 Abnormal Movement
Step 12 Spinal Breakdown and Degeneration
Step 13 head, neck, back and other problems

Upper Cervical (NUCCA) Chiropractors strive to correct the root cause of your condition(s).

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