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My Story

What started out to be a shoulder, low back and knee problem, quickly evolved into two NCAA All-American shot-put awards, a new career path, and a unique vision for the sports and performance industry.

My journey began in undergraduate college as a track and field athlete. My passion for throwing the shot put and discuss led to shoulder, back and knee problems.

During most of my workouts and weight training, my left shoulder fatigued faster than the right, my left low back tightened up more than the right, and my left knee had more pain than the right. It was evident that I had muscular imbalances and deep down, I knew it was affecting my ability to compete at the level I wanted. 

To address the imbalances, I first went to a massage therapist who worked through the muscles that surrounded the shoulder, low back and knee. The result was about two days of relief before the imbalances came right back.

After three weeks, the therapist recommended physical therapy, so I gave that a shot. Unfortunately, the specific exercises just made me worse and gave me more pain so I stopped that after three weeks.

Shortly after, my track coach recommended that I check out his chiropractor. Chiropractic would address the structural aspect of my spine and how that affected my shoulder, low back and knee. So, I also gave that a shot.

He cracked my neck, mid back and low back once per week for a year until I completed my senior track season. And although I continued to struggle with muscle imbalances, I noticed the greatest improvement from chiropractic.

Even though I still had to modify my workouts, I was fortunate to have the chiropractic care that I did.

Between my junior and senior year, I was able to improve from 6th t2nd place in the shot put at the national competition earning two All-American awards.

Knowing how much chiropractic helped me, I decided to make the pivotal decision in pursuing a career in chiropractic to help other athletes struggling with muscle imbalances. 

After one year in chiropractic schoolI met an upper cervical chiropractor who told me that my imbalances throughout my body were stemming from my neck.

During the assessment he put me through, it was incredible how the strength in my shoulders had increased just by turning my head to the left. And, vice versa, when I turned my head to the left, my shoulders were much weaker and I felt more pain. 

When I turned my head to the left, my low back muscles completely relaxed, yet when I turned my head to the right, my left side tightened up much more placing even more stress on my left knee. 

I was shocked how the alignment of my head and neck truly had an influence on how the rest of my body was performing.

After the assessment, he took three x-rays of my head/neck, measured them with software and told me exactly how he was going to correct my misalignment. 

I laid on my side as he gently corrected the alignment of my head and neck.

I didn’t feel much of anything, and, honestly, thought it was a scam. He took two more x-rays to verify the correct correction, and then I left.

The next week in the gym, I noticed a massive improvement. On every exercise my shoulders, low back and knees were balanced. No pain. No early fatigue. I was shocked.

How could I have had my neck adjusted several times before, and then after one “upper cervical” adjustment, I could work-out without pain and muscle imbalances? 

I didn’t understand it, which intrigued me even more. I decided to stop learning how to crack necks and backs and instead focused my attention on how to do the NUCCA upper cervical procedure.

Even though I thought the problem was my shoulder, low back and knee, the root problem was coming from my neckAll the head and neck injuries I endured from 10 years of football and wrestling had caught up with me.

It was by the grace of God that I discovered NUCCA, so that I will now be able to share it with the rest of the sports and performance industry.

My Vision

To revolutionize the fitness industry by establishing an awareness of the upper cervical spine, its proper alignment, and its relationship with strength, recovery & peak performance.

How will we get there?

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Teaching athletes how to train smarter & recover faster

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