Elite Upper Cervical Patient Recovery Journey

Thank you for choosing us to help you recover through NUCCA Chiropractic!

In order to get the most out of your recovery journey, we ask that as you progress through care, you take time to watch the 1-2 minute videos below.

#1 | 95% of the world doesn’t know how chiropractic REALLY works. Watch the video below to learn what the other 5% know.

#2 | As you progress through care, it’s important to always remember the 72 hour rule.

#3 | One of the most common questions we get asked is “how fast will I recover?”, watch this video to hear what Dr. Burt has to say!

#4 | The most important aspect of care is how long you hold your alignment. Find out 2 of the most common ways you will misalign again.

#5 | We’ve loved having you as a patient and watching you progress through care! Now having experienced NUCCA for a month, we’d like to ask you a favor.

#6 | There are 5 core aspects of health, but not many health professionals will tell you what Dr. Burt explains in this video here…

#7 | Gravity is crushing us all, and life happens. Hear why you don’t want to leave your spine misaligned.

#8 | We know what you’re thinking, do I have to go to the chiropractor forever? Here’s what Dr. Burt has to say…

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