Frequently Asked Questions

Most traditional chiropractors don’t know how to correctly adjust the atlas bone (C1).

C1 is the only thing we do. 

Well, a NUCCA adjustment does several things!

The primary goal of the adjustment is to precisely align the head over the neck by adjusting the atlas bone (C1) which sits in between the head (C0) and neck (C2-C7).

Once this is achieved it is expected that the brain stem and spinal nerves are no longer being pinched or compromised. 

Several great things happen when the nerve pressure is removed:

Pain will decrease, tight muscles will relax, blood and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) circulation will normalize, range of motion and joint mobility will increase, thinking becomes clearer, and so many more benefits.

Ultimately, the brain will communicate better with the rest of the body powering every cell to 100%.

Imagine trying to send a text message with 2 bars of signal. It takes much longer to send compared to having 5 bars of signal.

It is possible for any health condition/pain to heal when the brain is fully connected to the body.

Completely! In fact, most of our patients (including kids) are relieved to hear there is no twisting, thrusting, popping, or cracking of your neck; eliminating the potential risk of ligamentous trauma.

The NUCCA adjustment is so gentle, the only thing you will feel is the weight of Dr. Burt’s hand behind your ear lobe.

When we test the force of the adjustment, the reader consistently reads 2 pounds of pressure.

Most chiropractors use  a single adjustment to align the neck, with NUCCA, you can expect 10-12 small, gentle adjustments over a 1-minute time period.

Although Dr. Burt can get a good idea if NUCCA is the right fit on your initial phone/video call, the only way to know for sure is to have you come in for an assessment and pre-x-rays.

After measuring your x-rays, Dr. Burt will have a much better idea if NUCCA can help you.

Your posture and post-x-ray measurements improve immediately upon your first series of adjustments (2nd appointment).

Your body starts to feel better within 4 weeks.

Your posture measurements begin to maintain their correct alignment by month 3.

Dr. Burt will only start you under care and adjust you (2nd appointment) if he knows he can help you. However, if you are 4 weeks into care, and you are not feeling better or making progress towards your goals (very rare), and you have followed Dr. Burt’s recommendations, 

1) He will take another x-ray (complimentary) to see if something has been missed. 

2) If your x-ray measurements are updated, and you still do not notice improvement within 2 weeks, Dr. Burt will find another health professional for you to speak with regarding your situation.

Not at our clinic!

Technological advancements have flattened the curve when considering how safe taking x-rays are nowadays.

Or digital x-ray unit (Direct Capture) was purchased in 2019, which means that is has the latest, up to date, x-ray technology. This means that we can keep the exposure settings really low but still capture a picture that is HD quality. 

Additionally, we use specific lead filtration (NUCCA standard) to further reduce exposure.

In fact, a flight from Los Angeles to Seattle is 5x more exposure than a NUCCA x-ray series. 

We DO bill auto insurance and workers compensation insurance directly.

We do NOT bill health insurance directly.

For health insurance, our process is simple. After each visit, we will:

  1. Email you a coded reimbursement receipt.
  2. You send the receipt to your insurance.
  3. Within a few weeks, you receive a reimbursement check in the mail dependent upon your out-of-network coverage benefits.

Please call your insurance to better understand your benefits for chiropractic care.

1st appointment – $345 for the initial NUCCA assessment and pre x-rays. 

2nd appointment – $345 for a series of NUCCA adjustments and post x-rays, until your misalignment is maximally reduced.

Consecutive appointments – $85 for an adjustment or a spinal exam.

After your first series of adjustments (2nd appointment) it’s typical to meet ~14 times over the next 3 months to ensure your alignment properly stabilizes.

Each plan is custom tailored per person and will be discussed with you after Dr. Burt measures your first set of x-rays (1st appointment).

Payment is collected on a visit to visit basis.

Yes. We love it when you feel good! However, just because the pain is gone, doe NOT mean the problem is gone. 

Pain and symptoms are usually the first to improve/disappear and the last to show up.

We recommend that you complete your care plan and check in periodically afterwards to ensure the root problem remains under control.

No! Although most of our patients choose to continue care after their care plan, they understand they can stop at any time.

Occasional follow-up appointments are the best thing you can do to ensure long-term spinal health.

Our patients find they feel better when they are checked every month or two.

They are either reassured that they are maintaining their alignment, or, they are relieved to be adjusted again.

First, chiropractic is NOT a treatment for low back pain. However, all the nerves in your body (including your low back) pass through your neck. If you have a structural misalignment of the head and neck, this can compromise the nerves that go to your low back, and other parts of your body.

With our initial assessment, we will be able to tell you if your problem is stemming from your neck, low back or somewhere else. 

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