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“Is it bad to crack your own neck?” – 2 min read

When asked this, I always respond with the same question, “What do you think?”

Every time, without a doubt, I get the same answer.

“Yeah it is bad, isn’t it . . .”

As an Upper Cervical Chiropractor, it strikes me that so many people ask this question.

Not only do they know the answer to their own question, but it’s concerning to know a vast majority of people have necks that crack when they move their head in a certain direction.

So, what does this mean to me?

The first thing this tells me, is there is more stress on the neck.

I like to think it’s from a head and neck injury from sports, a car crash or major fall.

With added stress from the injury, the body will respond by increasing the pressure (nitrogen gas) within the neck joint(s) with the goal of the neck becoming more stable and less likely to injure in the future.

This is when you begin to feel your neck tighten up and become stiff.

Said simply . . .

When the pressure inside the joint(s) builds up, and you move the neck joint in a certain direction, you will hear the pop, or the release of pressure.

The benefit of this is increased range of motion in the neck, however the neck joints are back in their unstable position.

This is why you are able to pop your neck every few hours, because the body increases the pressure, again and again, until it becomes stable.

If you are questioning whether your neck popping is being caused by an old head and neck injury, schedule a consult to see if we can help.

We strongly recommend starting with the NUCCA Assessment to detect the root cause of your neck popping.

And, no, we will NOT twist, crack or click your neck.

We gently correct and re-balance the head over the neck by applying pressure behind the ear. The only thing you will feel, is the weight of the doctor’s hand.

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