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Why you DON’T Need a Heel Lift – 1 min read

Have you ever been told that one of your legs is shorter than the other? And in order to fix it, you need a heel lift?

I find it interesting that so many people have been told that they have a genetic short leg and they need a heel lift as a solution.

There’s a 99.5% chance that’s NOT true. And you DON’T need a heel lift.

Based on the research, there’s only 0.5% of people that have a genetic or trauma induced short leg.

But for the other 95.5%, their leg isn’t short, but it’s being pulled short from somewhere else in their body.

I find that the most common reason this happens, is because their lower back is so much tighter on one side, that it pulls up on their hip making their leg appear short.

So, when I find out what’s causing the lower back to be tight (it’s commonly the neck) and correct the root problem (it’s likely the neck) of the low back tightness, I see the legs balance out perfectly without the need for a heel lift.

So if you have been told that you have a short leg, find someone who will tell you what’s causing it, and if it’s truly genetic, have them prove it to you with objective x-ray evidence. Because there’s a high chance they won’t be able to.

If you are questioning if you have a short leg, or you want to know what’s causing your short leg, schedule a consult to see if we can help.

We strongly recommend starting with the NUCCA Assessment to detect the root cause of the short leg.

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