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Can Massage Increase Your Risk of Injury? – 1 min read

Although we are massive fans of the benefits massage brings, let us explain why it can also increase the risk of injury.

Most therapists would agree that after a massage, your muscles are looser and more relaxed.

But the question is, “why are the muscles tight in the first place?”

There are several reasons why muscles tighten, but one of the more common reasons, is because of an unstable joint.

For example: If your neck joint is unstable, the neck muscles around it will tighten to help stabilize it.

Your body does this as a protective mechanism to prevent the neck from injuring.

The tighter the muscle, the more stable the joint will be.

So imagine what your body is thinking when you get a massage to loosen your tight muscles.

Here your brain is telling your muscles to tighten, and somebody is trying to loosen them?

Now as I said in the beginning, I am not against massage, because it really does help with scar tissue removal and other pain, but just know the tight muscles and the scar tissue exists for a reason.

This is also why your muscles will usually tighten back up the day after a massage, because your body says NO we need to keep the joint stable!

If you are questioning why your muscles are always tight, schedule a consult to see if we can help.

We strongly recommend starting with the NUCCA Assessment to detect the root cause of muscle tightness.

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