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How Chiropractic REALLY Works – 5 Min Read

95% of the world thinks chiropractic only works for pain, find out below to learn what the other 5% know.


In the beginning we have 2 cells, the male cell and the female cell. And when these two cells join, a bioelectrical infusion of LIFE starts.


As the scientists watch, the cells begin to multiply and multiply until it looks like a little raspberry.


And as it grows and grows, it forms the very first organ of the body, the brain.


Now as the brain continues to develop, all of the sudden these fibers begin to grow down from the brain, and it starts to form this “line”.


And of course we name this line the spinal cord. 


And as the spinal cord develops, we begin to see more and more of these fibers grow outward and we call them, nerves.


And then what happens, is at the end of all of these nerves, all of the organs are formed, all of the glands are formed and all of the muscles.


Because at the end of one nerve, of course the heart will form, at the end of this nerve the lungs will form, then the stomach, the intestines, of course all the muscles into the arms, hands and fingers, legs, feet and toe.


All of this forms with the direct connection from the brain. 


In fact the brain is the most important part of your body. And, I don’t say this because it’s my opinion—no, it is a scientific fact.


Your brain is protected more than any other part of your body. 




By shielding it and encasing it with hard bone—your skull.


Sure, your heart is important,  but it has only a few ribs to protect it.


The brain is number one. 


It’s power is what starts life, and without power it ends life.


Now your spinal cord also gets its own protective case of bone from several vertebrae. One stacked on top of the other.


Now unlike the brain, this is a MOVEABLE case of bone. Of course it has to be this way so you can bend, twist and move around.


But never forget, 100% of LIFE in the body resides in the brain. 


Now here’s a question for you, how much of that energy and that life do you want going from the brain down to your heart? What about your lungs? Your muscles? 


How much of that power do you want getting to the rest of the body?


And the answer is of course all of it! You want all 100%. How often? All of the time. For how long? Forever!


This is what health is. 100% power from the brain coming down powering the entire body. 


Now what happens, throughout life, because of all the things we do – the bending, twisting, falling, sports, weightlifting, car crashes, the bumps, the bruises, the car rides, the airplane rides, the picking up children, the boxes.


 All of the things we do from birth, kindergarten, high school, all that stuff, can and will 

and does in 100% of people cause these spinal vertebrae to shift out of their normal position 

and stretch and compromise the nerves.


Especially the top vertebrae in the neck, the atlas. The one that’s most vulnerable to injury. 


Because when the atlas misaligns, the ones below it misalign. 


The ones below it compensate and choke off the nerve supply to the rest of the body. 


You see It’s an above down science. Not ground up.


If you break your neck, everything below won’t work. 


If you break your back, does your neck still work? You bet! 


And the scientists show us that the subtle pressure from the weight of a nickel, will choke off the nerve by 60%. You can’t live life like that.


So how important is it that all nerves are powering the body at 100%.


Very important! 


Full nerve power to the heart. Full power to the lungs. Full power to your eyes, each muscle.


We want full power at all times!


So what do we need to do? Make sure all 24 vertebrae in the body are in their correct position. 


And it all starts with what’s closest to the brain. The top vertebrae in the neck being the most important.


This is my job.


To make sure the head and neck is in alignment and if not, we need to get it there as gently as possible. All because we want 100% nerve power to the rest of the body.


This is why every single person on the planet should get their neck and spine checked continuously. 


We want to feel great forever. We want our body to work great forever.


We want that for ourselves, we want that for our families, our kids, our coworkers, we want to be truly healthy. And chiropractic is a key component of that.


We hope this article inspired you, please help us, help more people because the truth is, nobody understands the health detriment of walking around day to day with a crooked neck and a twisted spine.


Feel free to share this article with anyone you may have thought of when watching this, and if you’d like to schedule your NUCCA chiropractic assessment, please give us a call!

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