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The 5 Pillars of Health – 2 Min Read

Good health is founded upon 5 aspects.  Not many people will tell you what we will discuss below!

We have our sound nervous system. The nervous system runs the entire body so this is why we start here. 

  1. We need the right fuel. It’s really important to make sure we are eating good quality food with the right nutrients, of course supplementing with the right vitamins when necessary.

  2. We need to make sure we are moving around, getting exercise and training all the joints and muscles in the body. Motion is the lotion.

  3. We need to be getting adequate rest. Recharge the body.

  4. Lastly, we need to keep our attitude in a state of calm positive, what we call calm optimism.

So these are the 5 pillars of health. 

But most importantly we need to make sure that our nervous system, the power that is running the body, is actually running the body at 100%. And to do this we need our chiropractic work.

Because if it is not, then it doesn’t matter what we eat, if the  stomach is only running at 70%. 

It doesn’t matter what we eat if the intestines are only absorbing nutrients at 70%. 

It doesn’t matter if we exercise, because if we exercise with a crooked spine, we will just continue to grind down the joints even more. 

This is why we have our chiropractic work. And, once we do, now we are ready to exercise. 

Just like we tune up a race car before werace it. 

Because if we race the car, and we race the car without tuning it up, it’s going to wear out much much faster and sadly that’s what most people’s lives are like in the world today because they don’t know what we just learned. Simple scientific truth. 

It doesn’t matter if we are getting 8 hours of sleep if our nerves are only communicating to the muscles at 70%. It will take the body much longer to rebuild itself this way. 

So if we want to sleep better, we need to make sure we are getting checked and adjusted when necessary.

If we want to exercise and move better, we need to make sure we are getting adjusted when necessary. 

If we want our digestion and how the body processes and absorbs nutrients to function right, chiropractic first.

Because when the spine is better and the body works better, we feel better and our attitude will be better for sure.

So the 5 pillars of health built on the foundation of chiropractic and the  nervous system.

If you are open to scheduling your NUCCA chiropractic assessment, we strongly encourage you to give us a call.

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