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How Do I Hold My Alignment Longer?

The most important aspect of recovery is how long you are able to hold your alignment. 

Read below to discover 2 of the most common ways you will misalign again.

Before we dive in, let us remind you.

The #1 thing required for you to hold your alignment longer actually has nothing to do with you.

It has more to do with us and how well your misalignment is initially corrected.

This is why we spent more time upfront with the pre and post imaging and the specific measurements. 

To help us get as good of an initial correction as possible.

However, once it is initially corrected, you do need to be careful with your neck. 

Especially within the first 90 days while your correction is trying to stabilize.

Now…Fatigue (getting too tired) is the #1 reason for you to misalign again.

 This is because your nervous system is exhausted and your muscles won’t be as strong when holding up your head and neck.

Also stress…

Stress is the #2 most common reason you will misalign again.

This is because your nervous system is overstimulated which overly activates the neck and shoulder muscles. This is NOT good.

Now, with time, you will develop an awareness of when you are, and are not, in alignment. 

As you become aware of when you misalign, you can come in before your next scheduled appointment to have it corrected immediately. 

If you have yet to schedule your NUCCA chiropractic assessment, CALL TODAY to see if NUCCA is right for you.

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