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What Happens if I Leave My Spine Misaligned After an Injury?

In a perfect world, our spines would self-correct and never slip out of alignment. 

Unfortunately, gravity is crushing us all. 

So what will happen if we leave our spine misaligned?

Short answer: If the spine is misaligned for longer than 30 days, it will begin to break down.

Here’s why we emphasize 30 days.

When the spine is INITIALLY injured and jolted out of alignment, the spine is still relatively stable.

This is why in most cases, the initial injury is NOT the overarching problem.

If you are injured, and the neck misaligns BUT you are immediately adjusted and realigned, the rest of the spine will not compensate and break down. 

So it’s not getting out of alignment that is the problem, it’s staying out of alignment that is the problem.

If we leave the spine misaligned up until 30 days, it’s not ideal because we aren’t recovering and making any progress, but if we leave the spine misaligned longer than 30 days, the spine will begin to break down which will impact the entire body – the muscles, joints, nerves, organs, and hormones.

You do not want to leave the spine misaligned longer than 30 days.

If you’d like your spine evaluated and corrected, schedule your FREE video consult with Dr. Corey Burt today.

We strongly recommend that you start with the NUCCA chiropractic assessment, first. 

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