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Distribution Of Nerves

Did you know there are over 7 trillion nerves in your body? 

Real quick let’s cover the major nerve pathways.

The 1st three nerves come out of the neck and go up into the head. 

  1. The first goes to the muscles of the scalp and the ears and can create headaches, migraines, seizures, dizziness, brain fog, poor balance, and ringing in the ears. 

  1. The second goes to the sinuses and the eyes and can create allergies, sinus problems, congestion, sneezing, vision/eye problems.

  1. The third one goes to the teeth, gums, and jaw, which can cause stress on the TMJ’s resulting in jaw pain, gum and tooth pain, facial pain, throat swelling.

The next set of nerves go into the neck muscles and can create neck pain/stiffness. 

The next set of nerves go to the parathyroid, the shoulder, down the lateral side of the arm, and into the thumb and index finger.

The next nerve goes to the thyroid gland, behind the shoulder blade, down the middle of the arm to the pinky and ring finger. 

One may have hyper or hypothyroid/parathyroid, stiff and painful shoulder joints, trouble raising the shoulder from bursitis or neuritis, tennis elbow or tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or numbness and tingling in the hands.

The next set of nerves come out of the spine and go into the body cavity.

The first one goes to the heart and can create irregular heartbeats, palpitations, and mitral valve prolapse.

The next nerve goes to the lungs and can create asthma, shortened breathing, and painful breathing.

The next set of nerves goes into the liver, gallbladder, and stomach and can create stomach cramps, indigestion, heartburn, bloating, and gas.

The next set of nerves go into the pancreas, spleen, and adrenals and can affect energy levels and hormonal imbalances such as mood disorders, anxiety, and depression.

The next set of nerves goes into the small intestines, kidneys, and urinary system and can create incontinence, chronic infections, irregular bowel movements like constipation, diarrhea, and cramps.

The next nerves go into the reproductive system. 

In women, this can create irregular or painful cycles.

In men, this can create erectile dysfunction.

 The next set of nerves come out of the lower back, goes past the hips to the knees, and can create scoliosis, back, and hip pain.

 The next nerve is the classic sciatic nerve and starts at the hip, travels down the back of the leg into the calf to the outside foot. This can create sciatica, numbness, and tingling down the leg and prostate problems in men.

 The next nerves travel around the belt-line going into the groin down the inside of the leg to the big toe.

In summary, if the spine is misaligned, then any of these nerves can be compromised and choked off. 

We strongly recommend starting with the NUCCA assessment to determine if the spine is misaligned.

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