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What is the Most Important Part of Your Body?

Is it your heart? Your brain? Your spinal cord?  Or, is each part just as important as another?

We are here to tell you, the most important part of your body is your BRAIN. And, that is not just our opinion—it is a scientific fact.

You see, your brain is more protected than any other part of your body. 


Because it’s surrounded by a complete case of hard bone—your skull—

Sure, your heart is important, but it has only a few ribs to protect it.

Of course, your spinal cord is important but you see your spine is not a long hollow tube of bone. It’s segmented by 24 individual bones called vertebrae. 

Although this explains the anatomical reasoning why your brain is the most important part of your body, let us explain the subconscious reasoning behind why it is the most important.

Just imagine this with us for a second. Let your mind wander. Think back to your very first date. 

We’re assuming you and your partner went out for a nice dinner. It was romantic, just great.

Afterward, you were driving home, your partner had Marvin gay playing on Spotify.

When you got home..you walked up to your front door. And at this point, your partner was feeling good. 

All they were looking at is your lips. But easy now, this is the first date – take it slow – the cheek is safer. 

So, you see your partner close his eyes and lean in, so you close your eyes, and guess what happens?

They trip over their shoe and instead of kissing you on the cheek, they slip just 2 inches past and plant kiss you just beneath your ear lobe.

Now, is that the same message? 

It’s only a difference of 2 inches.

Why is that a different message?

Because your body intuitively knows that the cheek is public and the upper neck is private. 

And your body will subconsciously protect itself by drawing an emotional reaction when this region of the body is stimulated. 

Whether it’s stimulated positively in a romantic sense from your lover or stimulated negatively in a guarded sense from a stranger. 

Regardless, your body is going to respond hormonally.

So yes, your brain – and brainstem – is the most prioritized part of your entire body!

This is why Dr. Burt has dedicated himself to being an upper cervical NUCCA chiropractor, the region closest to your brainstem deserves a dedicated doctor.

If you’d like to learn more about NUCCA chiropractic, and how it can help you overcome your health challenge(s), click the link below to schedule a free video consult with Dr. Corey Burt, the clinic director of Elite Upper Cervical.

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