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Your brain is THE most important part of your body because it is completely protected by your skull.

Your spinal cord is the second most important part of your body because it is heavily protected by 24 individual bones called vertebrae. 

The unique thing about each vertebra is that these bones are moveable, 

They have to be this way so you can bend, twist and move your body around. 

Now because they are moveable, this means that they can get moved out of their proper position. Most commonly from the injuries throughout our lives.

The sitting, the bending twisting, lifting, falling, the sports, the car crashes, the driving, the bumps, the bruises, the airplane rides, the picking up children. All of the things we do from birth. Kindergarten, high school all that stuff, can cause these vertebrae to misalign and shift out of their normal position… which can stretch and pinch the nerves that control every function of our body.

So it’s really important to talk about what happens to our body when these spinal vertebrae misalign. 

If you were told your best friend DISLOCATED the top vertebrae in their neck, what would that mean to you?

  1. I’m hoping we can agree that a pretty SEVERE injury occurred. It takes a serious injury to dislocate the top bone in your neck

  2. I’m hoping we can agree this event would be RARE. Because we don’t see neck dislocations too often.  

  3. Of course, it would have full-body effects, those effects are usually PARALYSIS from the vertebra CUTTING the nerve. Because when the bone dislocates, the nerves are usually severed resulting in paralysis.

  4. Last but not least, this dislocation can be diagnosed by EVERYONE. 

So a completely dislocated neck bone which is very severe, very rare, it has full body paralysis effects and it can be diagnosed by everyone. 

Because if you walked upon a scene of an accident and you see a person lying on the ground, you want to help so you reach your hand out for them to grab, and they can’t. Not moving their arm at all, you know immediately they broke their neck. 

Everyone can diagnose that. Medical doctors, physical therapists, dentists, all of you, everyone can diagnose that! Why? Because it’s so severe. 

Now there’s another condition that can happen where the neck vertebrae can get PARTIALLY DISLOCATED, now although this condition isn’t severe, at first, the partial dislocation will catch up to you over time and can cause a lot of health problems.

Now a partial dislocation isn’t rare but it’s extremely common. We see them all the time from injuries throughout our lives.

Not completely cutting the nerves, but stretching and pinching them, still affecting the entire body, but not to the extent of paralysis. 

And when they are pinched or stretched, this will result in less nerve transmission from the brain to the body. Decreased function of the human body. So slower recovery, you may fatigue faster leading to chronic fatigue, muscles won’t activate at 100%, leading to muscle imbalances which lead to chronic pain.

But unfortunately, because the effect is not paralysis, it goes undiagnosed.

Except for a few people.


A synonym for partial dislocation is a misalignment and this is exactly what we focus on correcting as chiropractors. 

If you’d like to learn more about NUCCA chiropractic, and how it can help you overcome your health challenge(s), click the link below to schedule a free video consult with Dr. Corey Burt, the clinic director of Elite Upper Cervical.

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