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Chiropractic is about ORGAN Health!

It’s sad because most people think chiropractic is all about the musculoskeletal system, neck and back pain, but what it’s really about is organ health.

The same nerves that control the back and neck muscles also control the heart, lungs, liver, and all the other organs in your body that you can’t feel.

Unfortunately, the medical system is backward when it comes to organ health. Most of the time medical doctors just put the blame on the organ itself.

If the lung isn’t functioning as well, or the liver isn’t detoxing as well, or if the kidney isn’t filtering as well. They point the finger at the organ. It’s their fault. 

And then they prescribe drugs tricking the brain to increase or decrease stimulation to the organ – Hyperthyroid, hypothyroid. Hyperglycemic, hypoglycemic. High blood pressure, low blood pressure, etc.

Now as a chiropractor we recommend taking a step back, think philosophically about this. 

What if it isn’t the heart’s fault?

What if the heart just isn’t getting the proper information sent to it. What if the brain is sending the heart a message and it doesn’t completely receive it. Only partially. 

What do you think will happen to it over time? 

So instead of blaming the organ itself, look at the full picture. 

Starting with the brain because that’s where the message starts and from there, follow the signal from the brain down to the spinal nerves out to the heart.

What if there was a serious neck injury where the vertebrae misaligned and compromised the nerve flow from the brain to the heart?

Think about organ health from a deductive science. Deduce from a whole to a part. The brain to the heart. The brain to the thyroid. The brain to the low back. Because going from part to whole, is backward. 

If you’d like to learn more about NUCCA chiropractic, and how it can help you optimize each organ in your body, click the link below to schedule a free video consult with Dr. Corey Burt, the clinic director of Elite Upper Cervical.

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