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The 5 pillars of Health – Version 2

There are 5 primary pillars of health. 

  1. Thinking. The physical body is a servant of the mind. Think health and you will increase your chances of being healthy. The more you tell yourself how healthy you are, the more your physical body will take that form. When you think and fear disease and that’s what you will get. Fear can kill someone as fast as a bullet – and anxiety. Living in anxiety opens the body up to the entrance of disease. So even if you think you are UNHEALTHY, or you’re living in fear, get your subconscious mind to believe that you are HEALTHY. This is such a valuable topic, you have to have your mind in the right place FIRST.

  1. Nerve flow. If the brain is sending a message to the heart, or any other part of the body, wouldn’t it be healthy for the message to travel along a healthy nerve? This is why we have chiropractic. When the bone(s) shift out of place, they stretch the nerve(s). So we gently and accurately adjust the spine so that the nerve is not stretched anymore. And the upper neck, atlas, and axis – C1/C2 – takes more priority over any other part of the spine. 

  1. Nutrition. If you are fueling bad, your health journey will be tough. Eating the wrong things, drinking the wrong things – if you still believe that fat and sodium are the enemies, you’re going to struggle. The enemy is SUGAR. And all the chemicals that are placed into our food. If you don’t understand the ingredient on the label then why would you think it’s a good idea to put that in your body? You don’t want your small intestine absorbing that. If you stay away from just the sugar and chemicals alone, you’re 80% there. Eat less, move more.

  1. Movement. Movement is life – so take a walk around the blog, work up a sweat, do a pushup, lift weights – exert yourself. There are so many benefits to exercise.

  2. And last but not least, rest. 7-8 hours. Recharge both your body and your mind.

As you progress in life, and as you become more successful, you should absolutely increase your investment in each of these categories in a proportional fashion. The investment can be money, but it can also be time.

So set time aside to actually THINK about your health, where you are currently at, where you can improve, and where you want to be in your 60’s 70’s. And, have a rough idea of what it will take to get there.

Perhaps pain is holding you back from your work, or your hobbies, and you DO need to hire a chiropractor. Or maybe you aren’t in pain but you want to preserve your spine and body. Preserve your organs so they last longer and function better. Believe me, your future health is worth much more than what you’ll pay now. 

Maybe you need to focus more on what you’re fueling your body with, whether that’s signing up for a healthy meal service like freshly, or maybe you need to set some extra time aside on the weekend to meal prep healthy meals for the week. 

Perhaps you need to invest in a personal fitness trainer or sign up for a gym membership – pilates class, yoga, the running club, kickboxing. Anything to improve your overall movement and fitness. There’s something for everyone – you just need to take the TIME to explore what movement pattern is right for you.

Lastly, if sleep is something you know you’ve been putting on the back burner, make it a priority to get that extra hour or two. Or purchase some technology to help you understand your sleep quality, like the whoop device, or even the oura ring. 

If you’d like to learn more about NUCCA chiropractic, and how it can help you overcome your health challenge(s), click the link below to schedule a free video consult with Dr. Corey Burt, the clinic director of Elite Upper Cervical.

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