Tinnitus and Ear Fullness


Tinnitus and ear fullness can be debilitating and can cause long term anxiety if left untreated. Fortunately, tinnitus and ear fullness are two of the most popular problems we help people with at Elite Upper Cervical.

When the top bone in the neck misaligns, the atlas vertebrae, the vestibular nucleus gets compromised. 

The vestibular nucleus is a specific part of your brain that controls your ears and your hearing. So if your vestibular nucleus is compromised by a misalignment, will your brain have a hard time figuring out how to regulate a certain tone or pitch in your ear? You bet. 

This is why when you hear a loud noise, your brain processes that noise and has a hard time regulating the pitch. This is not good and needs to be addressed. 

With ear fullness, when the atlas misaligns, you may also feel a backup of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). When you have this backup, this can compound the pressure buildup, making the tinnitus even worse. 

If CSF flow is being choked off from a misalignment, will the brain and ear function properly? No! 

Unfortunately, most doctors want to hit the snooze button and throw out the bodies internal fire alarm by prescribing medication, which is not a long term solution. 

Why? Because it’s not possible to fix a structural problem, with a chemical solution. It’s important to get to the root of what’s causing the tinnitus and ear fullness, securing that structural solution! And that is where we specialize. 

As a NUCCA upper cervical chiropractic clinic, the first thing we do is take specific x-rays of the atlas vertebrae to see if it’s misaligned. 

We have advanced software that allows Dr. Burt to measure the atlas down to 1/100th of a degree, which is critical when it’s time to realign it. The upper cervical x-rays are the most important thing we can do for you as a NUCCA doctor. 

When doctors work on the upper neck without taking x-rays, they risk making someone worse.

After the exact position of the atlas has been measured, then Dr. Burt will be able to correct it. 

The realignment is so gentle that anyone would feel comfortable with the amount of pressure we use. Gentle slow pressure is all, right below the ear lobe, which is where the atlas is located. 

There is no twisting, popping or cracking of the neck with the NUCCA realignment. 

Afterward, we will then have to retrain the neck muscles for a few months, realigning the atlas as needed.

If you are curious to see if your atlas is misaligned, causing your tinnitus and ear fullness, make sure to schedule your NUCCA assessment below, as soon as possible, to see if you’re a good fit for treatment.