1-hour CEU approved by the Oregon State Board of Massage Therapists

This course is for massage therapists who:

✅Want an in depth understanding of the Cranio Cervical Junction (CCJ) and how the rest of the spine adapts when the CCJ is injured

✅Want to learn a simple 7-minute neurological & muscular assessment to perform on their clients

✅Are instructors who want more content to teach

✅Need CEU credit!

The purpose of this 1-hour course is to inform massage therapists of the anatomical, biomechanical and neurological details of the Cranio Cervical Junction (CCJ); providing them with the tools and knowledge to feel confident when treating and managing patients who’ve suffered trauma to the CCJ (head and neck).


This course was designed by Upper Cervical, NUCCA Chiropractor, Dr. Corey Burt, DC. who has taught massage therapists and other health professionals upper cervical anatomy, neurology and biomechanics, along with patient assessment protocols since 2018.

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