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We Help People Suffering From

Head Neck Back Problems

By Precisely Aligning the Head Over the Neck

NUCCA  Chiropractic is  a Natural  Long-term  Solution!

NUCCA Assessment


Establish your baseline to see if NUCCA is right for you

NUCCA Adjustment


Less force, fewer visits, faster results


Monitor your correction for long-term results

NUCCA  is  for  YOU  if . . .

You have suffered at least one head and neck injury or concussion.

You have been in a car accident.

 You played sports growing up.

You have altered posture with muscle imbalances.

No doctor has taken specific x-rays of your neck.

You don’t like aggressive neck cracking adjustments.

You want a specialist, not a generalist.

You are tired of temporary “quick fix” solutions.

You’re tired of doctors giving you pills, covering up the real problem.

You want to solve the root cause of your situation. 

You want to avoid surgery.

You want to optimize your spinal health, preserving it for the future.

Why Our Patients Love Us

Victoria HaysVictoria Hays
00:53 21 Jun 22
Excellent care and service !Corey is amazing !I had neck pain for 20+ years from a car accident.And now it's gone.Very thankful.
Tayler BTayler B
01:57 06 May 22
I appreciate that they noticed I was from out of town and scheduled my first session immediately after my initial consultation. Dr Burt did a great job!
23:29 15 Apr 22
Dr. Burt was very thorough and explained the theory behind UCCA. I feel confident in his care, especially when working with my neck. I only had as assessment done as this was my first appointment. I am planning to continue treatment with him. I feel confident that he will be able to help me with my neck issues.
Corbin YoungCorbin Young
23:48 24 Mar 22
Corey is super professional and knowledgeable, and has great advise to get you back on track. Can tell he genuinely cares for his patients' quality of life, will continue to go back here!
Susan DawdySusan Dawdy
19:54 24 Jan 22
Dr. Burt's work is outstanding and extraordinary, delivered with great care, precision, expertise and dedication. The aforementioned is evidenced by the remarkable results of a carefully administered intervention which requires skill, preparation, and the necessity to remain in trim!
Brittani KlepichBrittani Klepich
23:38 19 Jan 22
Corey Burt is a wonderful professional, and he is very knowledgeable! I’ve been to other chiropractors, but Corey is definitely one of a kind. He takes time to explain how the different body parts works together and creates a holistic approach to health and healing. I’m looking forward to the plan we have outlined.
Bethany VothBethany Voth
06:34 29 Nov 21
Elite Upper Cervical is amazing! Everyone is so kind and welcoming, I feel like I have new friends. I am learning a lot about myself and I am actually seeing results, even after years of doubt that I would ever get better. The entire process has been thorough and precise, making me a firm believer in this entire practice! 10/10

Low-Level Laser Therapy


The most advanced low-level laser that can treat an extensive range of conditions.

Dr. Burt’s Favorite Pillow!

A one-size-fits-all pillow would be the same as Nike selling just one size of shoe!

A Pillowise pillow in your specific size will help you hold your adjustment longer, and sleep better so you can heal faster!

You’re just 3 measurements away from getting the pillow your neck has always wanted.  

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We Help People Live Happier & Healthier Years into the Future

We strive to correct the root cause of any health condition. 

Whether that’s us, or directing you to the right health professional.

When searching for a long-term solution, ask your doctor what is CAUSING the problem. 

If they do not have a confident answer, chances are slim they will help you in the long-term.

Don’t settle for a “quick-fix” solution, book your FREE video consult today to start your journey towards living your best life!

Elite Upper Cervical is proud to serve the Portland Metro area as your go-to NUCCA Upper Cervical Chiropractor!

Suffering from Headaches & Neck pain?

Want to try our NEWEST relief pillow?


Suffering from Headaches & Neck pain?

Want to try our NEWEST relief pillow?



Suffering from Chronic Back Pain?

Download this perfect guide!

Suffering from Chronic Back Pain?

Download this perfect guide!