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We Help People Suffering From

Head Neck Back Hip Knee Problems

By Precisely Aligning the Head Over the Neck

NUCCA  is  a Natural Long-term Solution!

NUCCA Assessment


Establish your baseline to see if NUCCA is right for you

NUCCA Adjustment


Less force, fewer visits, faster recovery


Monitor your correction for long-term results

NUCCA  is  for  YOU  if . . .

You have suffered at least one head and neck injury or concussion.

You have been in a car accident.

 You played sports growing up.

You have altered posture with muscle imbalances.

No doctor has taken specific x-rays of your neck.

You don’t like aggressive neck cracking adjustments.

You have tried other solutions and nothing worked.

You are tired of temporary “quick fix” solutions.

You’re tired of doctors giving you pills, covering up the real problem.

You want to solve the root cause of your situation. 

You are in pain.

You want to optimize your spinal health, preserving it for the future.

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Dr. Burt’s Favorite Pillow

A one-size-fits-all pillow would be the same as Nike selling just one size of shoe!

A Pillowise pillow in your specific size will help you hold your adjustment longer, and sleep better so you can heal faster!

You’re just 3 measurements away from getting the pillow your neck has always wanted.  

Call now to schedule a time to take your measurements.


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We Help People Live Happier & Healthier Years into the Future

We strive to correct the root cause of any health condition. 

Whether that’s us, or directing you to the right health professional.

When searching for a long-term solution, ask your doctor what is CAUSING the problem. 

If they do not have a confident answer, chances are slim they will help you in the long-term.

Don’t settle for a “quick-fix” solution, book your FREE video consult today to start your journey towards living your best life!

Elite Upper Cervical is proud to serve the Portland Metro area as your go-to NUCCA Upper Cervical Chiropractor!

Suffering from Headaches & Neck pain?

Want to try our NEWEST relief pillow?


Suffering from Headaches & Neck pain?

Want to try our NEWEST relief pillow?



Suffering from Chronic Back Pain?

Download this perfect guide!

Suffering from Chronic Back Pain?

Download this perfect guide!