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Head Neck Jaw Problems

By Precisely Re-Aligning the Atlas Vertebra (C1)

NUCCA Upper Cervical Chiropractic is a Natural Long-Term Solution!


Perform a postural and spinal examination including specific neck x-rays.

NUCCA Adjustment


Less force, fewer visits, faster results.

Neck re-alignments given, and counting!


Monitor your alignment for long-term results.

NUCCA is for YOU if . . .

You have had a head or neck injury or a concussion.

You have been in a car accident.

You played sports.

You have altered posture with tight neck or back muscles.

No doctor has taken specific x-rays of your neck.

You don’t like aggressive neck cracking adjustments.

You want a neck specialist, not a generalist.

You are tired of temporary “quick fix” solutions.

You’re tired of doctors giving you pills, covering up the problem.

You want to solve the root cause of your situation. 

You want to avoid surgery.

You want to preserve your spinal health well into the future.

How To Eliminate Your Migraines in 12 Weeks WITHOUT Drugs, Surgery or Needle Injections

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Why Our Patients Love Us

Nick O'Connor
Nick O'Connor
April 8, 2024
I've been working with Dr. Burt for the past 2+ years. I am a grappler/combat athlete and originally sought treatment for some recurring upper back/neck issues. It only took a few adjustments before these issues went away and they have not returned. I have continued working with Dr. Burt as part of my overall training and recovery plan. As someone who trains every day and sometimes multiple times a day, I believe it is more than worth the investment. Dr. Burt is an expert at what he's doing, is efficient and focused during adjustments, and has a great way of making patients feel like their personal challenges are being addressed. Highly recommend for anyone experiencing back or neck pain/discomfort!
Christian Milbank
Christian Milbank
April 2, 2024
I have been seeing Dr. Burt for just over six months (for four decades of bad posture and a couple minor car accidents) and have seen vast improvement in my neck as well as my overall health. Dr. Burt is supportive, patient, encouraging, and always takes time to answer my questions. Brianne, the office manager, is always friendly and kind. It’s been such a great experience getting treated here!
Jay L
Jay L
March 28, 2024
Thank you! Dr. Burt
Rebecca Hillary
Rebecca Hillary
March 27, 2024
I highly recommend Dr. Burt and NUCCA, atlas adjustment. I have had many other types of body work and chiropractic work in the last couple decades and working with Dr. Burt to align my cervical vertebrae 1 ( atlas) has improved both chronic back pain and jaw pain in a way that other treatments has not. My hips are in alignment for the first time in decades and I have noticed differences in my overall health as well. The office staff are kind and easy to work with and the price is reasonable. I love being in inversion chairs to relax after the adjustments.
Rebecca Babener
Rebecca Babener
March 23, 2024
i have had a significant decrease in vestibular migraines since starting treatment, this has been a life long problem for me, i have also has significant improvement in overall balance
Heather Collier
Heather Collier
March 21, 2024
Dr. Burt’s treatment plan for my upper cervical spine has helped me so much. I have been dealing with neck pain for 35 years and have tried everything including surgery. For the first time I am experiencing real relief and it’s exciting to see my body hold the adjustments for longer and longer stretches of time. Dr. Burt is great about explaining how the healing process works and takes his time answering my questions. The adjustments are gentle, but highly effective. I highly recommend a visit if you are experiencing any spinal pain.
Kathleen Stewart
Kathleen Stewart
March 14, 2024
Dr. Burt is very conscientious and cares about his patients. I have been seeing Dr. Burt for a while now and I am excited to say that his adjustments are working very well. I am stabilized and have been doing great. Thank you for your care.
Lindsey DiGregorio
Lindsey DiGregorio
March 13, 2024
Dr. Burt has truly transformed my life! Since I started seeing him, my body has undergone a remarkable change. After a few adjustments, my body adapted to its new alignment and is holding! My body is pain free! Each visit is a delightful experience! Thank you, Dr. Burt, for your dedication to enhancing my overall health!
Stacie S
Stacie S
January 27, 2024
When I first called the Elite office and spoke to Brianne, Dr. Burt's office manager (& wife), I immediately felt positive about the care I'd receive at Elite Upper Cervical. Brianne was so kind and patient with my many questions. She genuinely wanted to answer all of them before we hung up. I felt hopeful and informed. Dr. Burt's unique approach can't be understated. The benefits of targeting the upper cervical for treating a host of symptoms were new to us, but with his calm presence and caring demeanor, Dr. Burt took a lot of time explaining the importance of the atlas and axis and the role they play for optimum health. You'll be amazed to see your diagnostic images that Dr. Burt will use to determine just where the misalignment is and how he will adjust you. The best news of all is he'll do it with NO cracking or jarring! His hands are exacting and very gentle. His treatments are totally painless but incredibly powerful! Our experience at Elite Upper Cervical has been so positive and helpful. My daughter and I are both patients and have felt great improvement from our treatments. And, the bonus, post treatment, is Elite's Relaxation Room, where you'll choose one of the incredibly comfortable recliners to relax in for 10-15 minutes. Believe me, you won't want to leave! Dr. Burt, with his extensive knowledge and supportive encouragement, is a medical practitioner you definitely want on your team!

We Help People Live Happier & Healthier Years into the Future

We strive to detect and correct the root cause of health conditions.

We do this by re-aligning the head over the neck, allowing time to pass, to let the brain and body heal.

When searching for a long-term solution, ask your doctor what is CAUSING the problem

If they do not have a confident answer, chances are slim they will help you in the long-term.

Schedule your assessment now to see if NUCCA can change your life!

Elite Upper Cervical is proud to serve the Portland Metro area as your go-to NUCCA Chiropractor!


Suffering from Chronic Back Pain?

Download this perfect guide!

Suffering from Chronic Back Pain?

Download this perfect guide!